Automative LOCK

Automotive Services:

Nothing is more frustrating than a delay on the road. Unfortunately, it usually happens when you least expect it, which can throw off your whole day. All you want is to get back on the road as quickly as possible, so you pull out your phone and search for a mobile car locksmith near me to get help.

When this happens to you in Santa Clarita, CA, we want to be the ones to help. Our professional lock experts can handle any automotive lock and key issues that come up.

Our Automotive Locksmith Services Include:

  • Car key copying
  • Key fob programming
  • Car rekeying
  • Ignition replacement

Why would you want to copy your car key? One of the main reasons is so that more drivers have access to your car now, like your newly licensed teenager.

However, we also recommend making copies of your car keys in case of an emergency. That way, when you lock yourself out of your car, you don’t need to call us. Simply grab your backup key and get back on the road.

If your current key is getting weak, it’s also crucial to have a backup in case it breaks. Make sure you keep your spare key in a safe place in your home, so you can easily grab it in an emergency.

If you don’t have a backup car key and lose your current one, we can rekey the whole system for you. Next, we can set you up with a brand new key fob and ignition. Our products are top-of-the-line, which means they are durable and last for years.

The Best Mobile Car Locksmith Near Me

We offer fair prices and a large selection of products for all of your car lock and key needs. Whether you are in an emergency or simply want to upgrade, we are the locksmith in Santa Clarita that is here for you.

Visit our Santa Clarita locksmith store at 22938 1/2 Lyons Ave, Santa Clarita CA 91321 or give us a call at 661-259-8025.